Evest Trading Fees

Start your financial journey at a steady pace by building a plan based on a clear understanding of trading and investment fees with Evest so that you can make informed decisions due to the clarity and fairness of our pricing structure


Trading related fees

Deposit fee

Deposit fee


Conversion fee

Conversion fee


Withdrawal fee0

Withdrawal fee

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$5 (min withdrawal amount $25)

Inactivity fee0

Inactivity fee

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$75 after the end of the second month

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All clients that wish funds from their accounts before participating in any opening & closing positions should be charged a withdrawal fee ( processing fee) processing fee: 25$ if the above mentioned requirements are met.

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The inactivity fee will be lowered starting from the end of the 3rd month onward to $50. Open positions will be closed automatically to cover the inactivity fees (if needed)

Trading stocks


No ticketing fees


No rollover fees


No management fees


No additional/hidden broker fees

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Trade CFDs as low as 10 points with a maximum leverage up to 400 and a stop out is at a 20% Margin.

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Cost of overnight trading with evest

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the costs associated with overnight trading on evest's platform per account level, empowering you to effectively manage and plan your trading strategies with full awareness of potential expenses.