Islamic Trading Account

Embrace a conscientious approach to investing with our 100% interest-free account, aligned with Islamic principles and offering transparent and responsible trading for ethically minded investors

In case the trades are left open for 3 days or more, a commission will be deducted for each trade according to the following table.
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Interest-Free account

The potential of the Islamic trading account

With this account, you can accomplish a lot. Through the interest-free evest islamic trading account, you can open buying and selling positions. The transactions in this account are exempt from overnight fees known as (SWAP or Rollover). In the Islamic trading account, you can also invest in foreign currency pairs that are available for trade. Moreover, if you are interested in investing in stocks, the Islamic account allows you to participate in more than 300 shares of worldwide companies. You can also invest in commodities, such as energy contracts, precious metals contracts, and contracts for agricultural resources like coffee, cotton, and others.

The advantages of having a 100% Islamic account

We recognize that many of our clients do not want to engage in interest-based transactions, so evest introduced its Islamic trading accounts, which are the most distinctive and user-friendly among its competitors who offer interest-free Islamic trading accounts.


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