Experience the power of seamless and intelligent copy trading. Connect with top traders and replicate their trades in real-time. Let cutting-edge technology work for you as you diversify your portfolio effortlessly.

Copy Trade

What does COPY TRADE mean?

Imagine having a professional trading friend who often makes the right moves and guides you to profitable trades. This is copy trading! This tool allows you to copy the trades of the professional trader(s) effortlessly. You decide how much you want to allocate to copy trading, and simply, reflect every trade that the professional(s) immediately in your account. When they buy or sell, you do too! No specialized market expertise needed - With Copy Trade, you can match the success of your chosen trader.

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Exciting information about the COPY TRADE feature

1 in 3

One third of investors consider trading to be complex and can be simplified by copying other professional investors

1 in 4

25% of investors said they have already considered using the copy trade feature

€70 billion

The copy trading market is expected to grow to €70 billion in 2025 globally (48% annual growth)


The world of COPY TRADE started in 2005 by using algorithms manually and inserting them into the programming of platforms to copy trades of professional investors

How can you start using COPY TRADE?

There is no fees to use this feature - available for all accounts


Allocate an amount from to copy trades

You can dedicate all or part of your account to COPY TRADE



Choose the leader whose trades you want to copy

Review performance, number of followers, invested amounts, profitability and other parameters as well to choose the leader the investor whose deals you want to copy



Copy on your own terms

Decide if you want to copy the previous trades or only the new ones and set the stop loss level and other copy conditions that will interest you



Monitor performance and fund your account more to copy more investors

Sit back, relax and let the professionals work for you - monitor and manage the performance of your investors. Fund your account more to copy the performance of more investors

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